I actually had planned to write a post about some sort of breed of dog today.  However, after having given Sadie a bath and brushed her, there is only one thing on my mind; shedding.

O. M. G.

A pile of Sadiefur

What you are looking at is a pile of Sadiefur.  I brush her every other day, and this is also after a bath.  Every day I brush her, I get about this much fur off.  Yet she's still fairly fluffy, and has a bunch of undercoat still.

Where the hell does it come from??  Does she have some sort of super-fur follicles and it grows back immediately after it falls out??  Is she pulling it from a 3rd dimension?  Does she really not have that much fur, but when she does go outside she sucks extra fur from the air that belongs to other tan colored dogs?

You would think, having had Australian Shepherds at one point in my life, that I'd be used to the shedding.  Honestly, I don't remember very well that far back, but I don't remember any of the Aussies having this huge of a shedding problem.  Maybe it's a combination of her basset hound and sheltie that makes her shed like a husky with a dire need of Rogaine.

I -do- remember that the husky was an epic shedding machine, twice a year.  I remember that as if it were yesterday.  The husky shedding made this pile of Sadiefur look miniscule and diminutive and other words that mean small.  When I was living with the husky and it was the time of year for EPIC SHEDDING, I had fur everywhere, even with baths, brushing, and forced-air drying with a professional grooming dryer.  I fur in orifices, people.  Think about that.

So look at the pile of Sadiefur, multiply that by about 10, and then wonder if you want a husky as a pet.  Heh.

I actually did have a de-shedding tool at one point.  During my numerous moves, it appears to have vanished.  Trust me, I looked for it everywhere.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, this will taper down.  Until then, vacuuming, sweeping, and epic brushing will be an almost daily routine.

My next dog will be hairless, I swear.