Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day!  Sadie and I pretty much just sat around and did nothing, except I did do some yard work and she hung out with me while I was picking up pine cones in the yard.  She was wholly unimpressed.  There was a distinct lack of cats/squirrels to chase, and she was not about helping me at all.

Lazy mutt.

At any rate, here is a video I took today of the bird's nest that has been built by some sparrow/wren type birds in a non-used hanging flower pot in the yard.  The baby birds are in there, but you can't really see them in the video.  Momma bird was also wholly unimpressed with my video idea.  The nearby squirrels were also quite pissed off at me.

Maybe there will be a more exciting video next time.  :)