Great Cocker Spaniel Grooming Video

Okay, this is an awesome video of how to groom an American cocker spaniel.  REALLY nice video ... but it's an hour long, so be prepared to sit a while if you really want to know.

Lots of things Mr. Salas goes over are SO familiar.  The little flap on the edge of the ear to know where to start clipping -- using shapes like 'v's and such to figure out where to start and stop clipping -- using the lines of the fur and where they grow and determining where to clip and where to use a stripping tool -- changing the way the blades on the clipper are angled to cut different lengths of hair -- all of those are tricks all decent groomers know.

Also the dog is a really, really nice chocolate cocker spaniel with a GREAT personality that is what every cocker spaniel should aspire to be.

I have no idea if Mr. Salas' grooming products work, and I'm not being endorsed in any way, but the video is awesome and the before and after is cool as well.  If you're interested in all in grooming, give it a look!